Meet Your Hosts

Paul Keenan – General Manager


Nick Zaffiri- Program Director


Nick is a Communications Studies Major with a focus in Broadcasting. Being surrounded by musical talents and tendencies from childhood to adulthood, Nick loves music and its diversity. He hosts Sports Zealots with co-host Matt Steelman 5-6pm on Wednesdays.

Michael Booth – Production Manager

Michael is a Pre-Physical Therapy Psychology Student with a minor in French who is also a goalie on Widener’s ice hockey team. He has always had a love for singing and playing the guitar or ukulele. He is also fascinated by how much music can help people when they need an outlet. He hosts @AltAfterDark Thursday nights 8-10pm.

Walter Jay–Music Director

Walter Jay the Master Blaster

Walter Jay is a Chester legend and is fondly referred to in the city’s music circles as the “Master Blaster.”  His show airs on weekdays.  While Walter’s shows feature urban and hip-hop music, he knows all the genres of music on contemporary radio and assists with the station’s automation system and music selection.  Walter also stages WDNR talent shows twice each year, raising money for the station and local charities.

Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer–Faculty Advisor

dwight with headphones

Dwight has been the faculty adviser at WDNR-FM since coming to Widener in 1999. He also chairs Widener’s Communication Studies department and teaches in Media Informatics. Prior to that he was faculty adviser at student radio station KCPR in California, WPNR  in New York, and WAUG in Illnois. He has also worked as a professional news director at stations WVIK in Illinois and KOJO/KIOZ in Wyoming. During those times, he was a frequent reporter/contributor to NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and CBS radio news. Currently Dwight also runs Catch Dwight’s Stream-a-Theme Hour on Wednesday afternoons from 4-5pm eastern right here on WIDECAST!